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It's been a long awaited event! 

Elements is back and you can be a part of Hip Hop history on Guam!!

Hip Hop Dance Defined (from Hip Hop International):

There is no one definition to describe hip-hop dance. Hip-hop dance is a fusion of street dance disciplines and cultural interpretations from around the world. A hip-hop dance routine incorporates the look, music, attitude, posture and street dance style to make it uniquely hip-hop. The most real routines showcase a variety of hip-hop dance styles, signature moves and choreography conveying the character and energy of the street.

There are 2 Categories:

Hip Hop Dance Crews should consist of 5 to 8 members (Dance Routine /Choreographed)

BBoys and BGirls should be groups of 3 to 5 (Freestyle Popping, Locking, Breaking)

Ages are limited from 10 to 21

Note: If there are enough registering adult crews, we will divide the battles between youth and adults

Due to the limited number of dancers on island, a participant can join in 1 crew in each category.  For example, Bboy Legz can battle with 2 others in the Freestyle battle and be a part of the Rocksteady Dance Crew of 8.


Performance will be 60% of overall score and Skill will be 40% of overall score

Performance breakdown:

20% for Creativity, Showmanship, Presence

20% for Execution, Spacing, Form

20% Entertainment Value Crowd Appeal

Skill breakdown:

20% Musicality, Synchronization

20% Degree of Difficulty

Elements is a family-fun event so obscene dance moves and/or profanity in music is strictly prohibited 

Stage and Tech:

Usable stage size will be minimal 24' deep X 40' Wide

Crews must bring music on flash drive (no phone hook-up or emailing files)

Special Lighting suggestions will be considered but not guaranteed

Props such as chairs, fabrics, poles, etc will not be allowed

Routines should be limited to 2 minutes

Crews should prepare for at least 2 routines in case there is a tie

Crews will draw numbers to see who goes first, second, etc.

A non-refundable Hip Hop Dance crew entry fee of $100 and a BBoys and BGirls crew fee of $50 will be required upon first event meeting date (to be determined).


Hip Hop Dance

1st Place - $ 1000 + Trophy

2nd Place - $ 500

3rd Place - $ 100

BBoys & BGirls

1st Place - $ 500 + Trophy

2nd Place - $ 200

3rd Place - $ 100

Dj's and Mc's: Because this is a non-compete category, there is also no prize or registration fee.  Sign up here and you will be included in the program if selected.

Finally, as in all events, there will be a liability waiver that must be signed by each participant and as always things (such as dates, times) may change along the way.

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